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    "Let There Be Absolute Light"

    Divine Order is what the Scriptures offer, a heavenly directive and mandate; full of good, and godly instructions, commands and imperatives, which are necessary for us to be aligned and functional, in the movement of natural order, and is the corrective power to destroy chaos, and disorder in our lives. Divine order means to be directed by the Creator's absolute light, His mercy is written in everyday, and His grace is inscribed in every moment!




    The earth is full of the glory of Creator-God

  • Poem of the Month


    Exclusive Love

    There are songs that we sing in which we sing about God, and all of the things He has done, is doing or shall do,

    Then there are songs we sing to God,

    Describing and ascribing how we feel about Him,

    These songs are directed to Him in exclusive love, we praise Him with the emotions that are reserved only for Him,


    Exclusive because the object of other affections can never be God, We distinguish and discern and we know,


    Who it is that can be absolutely and totally kind, merciful, gracious and loving all of the time,


    These are emotions that comprise exclusive love, because you can never, nor will you ever,

    love anyone like you love God,


    That alone makes your love, praise, and worship to and for God an exclusive emotion,

    You can and you will love others, but just not like you love Him,


    We must dig through all of the emotions we have ever experienced, and the baggage is heavy and oftentimes a burden to carry,


    Until we find that empty space, that untouched emotion which is only there exclusively for God.

    Emotions are marked for exclusive use,


    Making that emotion one that is set apart in our hearts, and aimed towards the heart of God only,


    All relationships require sound emotions, but

    The most peaceful and tranquil are the ones I have for God,


    It is our response to His love for us, we love Him because He first loved us, this is the special place we come to,


    Where love is of a higher kind, and we ascertain that we love God, with all of our hearts, minds, strength and soul, It is exclusive love!


    is where we love completely and exclusively,

    Exclusive love is different from other kinds of love, None can hold a candle, not eros, storge, nor phileos,


    It is unlike any other love for anyone or anything, It is the anointing of God that breaks yokes,


    Opens portals, doors, windows and gates; and

    Grants us the advancement into new levels, new territories, and new realms, and commission breakthroughs in our lives,


    Exclusive love is a breakthrough that points only to God, and His love echoes back to us, I love you exclusively,


    As if you and I are the only ones,

    The goodness of God leads to the place of exclusivity, and Into a Son filled glorious life,


    What inspires poetry or prose? Anything and anyone can inspire it. But there is a spirit in a man/woman and the inspiration of the Almighty grants the capacity to understand.




    SELAH means pause to think



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  •  Freedom is belief in the Lord Jesus Christ

    What must I do to work the works of God?


    “Then said they unto him, What must we do, that we might work the works of God? Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent” (John 6:28-29 KJV).

    Independence is dependent upon what you believe

    John 3:16 - King James Version (KJV)


    16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    Question Is?

    What does it mean to respect the Creator as God and God as Creator?


    Primarily, we will have to qualify what we know and what is meant by Creator...How do we see, perceive, understand and know Him? The Creator who created everything that was, is and ever shall be. Knowledge of the Creator comes through revelation, continuously and progressively. We don't automatically know anything about Him except what He reveals through His Word, nature and everything made by His will and hands.

  • I accept the invitation extended to me which makes me accepted in the Beloved.... "Jesus Christ" It is truly a special place to be.

    Thank You, Father


    I take my stand as a member in particular of the Body of Christ and declare that the gates of hell shall not prevail or assail against my membership and position in

    Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior.


    Take your stand as a member in particular!

    Find us all throughout and all over the world!

    "Members in particular"

    strategically placed.

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  • Devotional of the Month


    The Beauty and Fragrance of Godlike Character

    Our thoughts, intents, motives and desires

    are being continuously purged and pruned to behold the holiness of God through repentance

  • Crescendo of Praises is book of poetry and reflections of how the grateful heart finds expression through words. It is a book of praises to and about the Creator of all things that were, are, and shall be, the Most High God, and His Son Jesus Christ the Lord, and all inspiration through the Holy Spirit. All glory to the Godhead!


    If you should like to order a copy, you may do so at one of the following links.  Thanking you in advance for your support.

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